What is a Marketing Manager?

… and what does a marketing manager do ?

Marketing Managers often work in comfortable office settings, unlike many of their coworkers in the marketing department. They often have internet access, printers and copiers, fax machines, and telephones. They prepare reports, maintain records and set schedules, and negotiate contracts and get products into stores.

Marketing Managers must have strong communication skills, creativity, and persistence. They should be able to talk to people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. They should have knowledge of how various forms of media works, and be able to articulate the needs and desires of target consumer groups.

The duties of a Marketing Manager are as varied as they are challenging. They may be responsible for all of the marketing programs and services your company offers or they may be responsible for only a few strategies. Marketing Managers are in charge of a variety of departments including advertising, marketing, sales, business development, and marketing communications.

They may also be responsible for hiring and retaining employees, and formulate marketing and advertising strategies. Some marketing managers are in charge of budgets and needs analysis, whereas others are process-oriented. They help companies analyze their various marketing and advertising programs and determine the value of the various programs.

Communication skills

strong attention to detail

excellent writing and negotiation skills

knowledge of computers and other programs

excellent problem-solving skills team-oriented with good interpersonal skills

prepared for public speaking

fluent in English or French

know how to use web-sites

know how to develop graphic presentations and present results

Online Marketers Online marketing assessments, campaigns, and tests are used by companies to determine targeted consumer behaviour and product preferences. These online assessments include various forms of market research, including online surveys and focus groups. Companies use focus groups to identify the needs and interests of the target groups that will be provided by the product or service that will be aimed to fulfil those needs. Websites are also used by companies to promote their products and services, and by individuals to find out additional information about a product or service.

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There are many other websites that can also be assistance, but the above is a good place to start. Remember to be patient and persistent!